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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5K Presentation

Woo!! It was great to see fellows talking about the investment and business terminologies. Till now they acted as a buyer. but they understood that as a seller how it is difficult to convince customers. They explained how they felt when people rejected to see even their product, bargaining with women is the biggest challenging thing for all of them. Their expression was the merrier to show their experience. They have Broke the record of senior fellows by earning around 37.000/- rupees in 7 days by investing 95.000/- rupees. They say life long they will remember the experience and now they are able to find the value and real price of the things or product.

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  1. Thatz great to here such a good news... Congratulations Cohort-5, I know you all guyz have done great job and this experience will give extra weight-age to your carrier/CV and I saw the level of confidence on your faces today.

    Enjoy Guyzzz...You all are Rocking..!!!