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Monday, February 7, 2011


Cohort 5 fellows Have left for the Eco-tourism to Kerala, Kannur. This is a part of their learning, This module introduce the Tourism sector and other fields by which it is directly and indirectly getting effected. on this thousands of families are surviving. As India is one of the famous place for tourism and we need to improve our stranded as we are getting people all around the world. This trip will give them practical learning from all the aspects. It may be accommodation, food, Transportation and livelihood opportunities to forest dwellers. Introducing rural handicraft to the tourism places, giving them the market it may be anything. It is left to the individual who want to start an enterprise. Here they work in committees by taking responsibilities and at the end of the trip they realize what should be done to present in a better manner (whatever experience they get by performing some role in committees.) It is going to give a picture that what is Eco-tourism and how it should be? As a entrepreneur how i can intervene in this business? Each one will be able to answer these question It will be a great experiential learning for them.

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