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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hemal Desai Guest Speaker

Mr. Hemal Desai he is a one of the member of Hubli Champion and also a General Manager in Mayur Hotel, Hubli. which is one among the best hotel of the Hubli. We had him as a Guest Speaker for Cohort 6th batch. It was really a great opportunity for fellows to interact with him. while sharing their learnings from session. fellows focussed on some particular points by which they get impressed, like giving a service to the customer whichever they want, If you are not the person to provide it then connect it to the person who provides it. By this we are going to build the relationship for a long time and they will contact us whenever they want the service which we provide.
He even gave his own example like when he left his previous company the customers even moved with him to the new company where he is working now.
Fellows really liked the way he thinks about connecting himself with people and building strong and long lasting relationship.
We really Thank Mr. Hemal for supporting the fellowship program.


  1. Its a nice write up, I suggest that a bullet-ed list be made on the areas spoken & the learning that took place.

    anyway thanks for the review